Were-Watch 4: Better Late Than Never!

Standard Apology.

With Bestiary 5 coming- Indeed, some of those who DIDN’T order it from Amazon apparently already have their copies!- I figure I might as well knock this one out. Partially because there’s a few other things I want to look at. I also want to look at the rules again because I may have a silly little Christmas gift for you all.

Without further ado, and through my usual lens of madness regarding which of these poor things might make good Were-Creatures, here’s a look at the Animals from Pathfinder Bestiary 4!

Dinosaurs: No animals until D? Jeez. Dimorphodon is a flying Dinosaur that, being Medium, would be pretty damned easy to use. Diplodocus is a classic, though he’s Gargantuan. That’s what Giants (and the Giant Creature template) are for!). Styracosaurus is… a lot like a Triceratops so if you like those, you’ll like this, and OF COURSE, though it somehow took us four Bestiaries, the Velociraptor. Who is Small, fast, and can leap. Clever girl.

You know… The more I think about “Attack On Fucking Titan,” and the concept of were-Dinosaurs and Megafauna in general, the more I want to write some kind of adventure involving were-creatures made from prehistoric animals…

Herd Animal, Giraffe and Stag: The Stag has some very important mythological history, popping up throughout the world at many places in time. Lacking a bite, I nevertheless think they would be pretty neat.

On the other hand: Were-Giraffe.I just want you to think about that. Were. Giraffe.

Oh, don’t worry. My Christmas gift is going to be worse.

Seahorse, Giant and Killer: Why wouldn’t I just use Wereharks?

Tortoise, , Giant and Immense: Behold, for the last time, the mighty were-turtle. The Giant one is Medium, whereas the Immense is Colossal. In any case, these guys, like other were-turtles, would be a pretty fun shift from normal were beasts. Which is what this is about.

Walrus, Emperor Walrus: … Rounding out the pack are these guys. Well, I suppose in very cold regions, they would make sense. They could eat were-Gars.

Weasel, Dire and Giant: Why is the Giant larger than the Dire? Again, if you wanted to go with something different, this is the way to do it. Supposedly, Dire Weasels can acquire a taste for humanoid flesh. Huh. I need to look into this…

And there you have it. Some possible winners and no Megafauna. That makes me oddly sad.

There’s two other things I want to look at, in addition to Bestiary 5, so stay tuned. Hopefully, it won’t take me eight months this time…

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