Dungeons & Dragons Essentials: Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The City

Well then.

This won’t be long, as you need only look at my review on Dungeon Tiles Master Set: The Dungeon to learn the basics, but yes, Wizards of the Coast will be releasing a grand total of three tile sets in the Essentials line, with a wilderness set being the last one for now.

In the previous review, I complained about the blank tiles on the flip side of the cards. The City turns this around completely: There are almost no blank tiles whatsoever.

Not to say there aren’t a great deal of fairly generic tiles, a street here, a road there, but this is a VAST improvement over The Dungeon, which was mostly useful if not very exciting.

This? Is actually useful, and excitingt, AND seems to consist of either new graphics, or ones that haven’t been in print in the last three years. There’s a goodly amount of variety, too, with interiors, exteriors, water, docks, statues, lots of nice things. The box can also be used for terrian: It has rooftops on it this time.

If I have any complaints, it’s that there aren’t enough sewer tiles, and perhaps too many water tiles. But overall, it’s a better mix than The Dungeon.

High hopes for the next one. You can release more of these, Wizards.

Highly reccomended.

Anyway, that’s all. A review of Monster Vault may be coming soon too, as apparently, Amazon delivers via Tardis…


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