Pathfinder Quickie

Apparently, Golarion has robots in it.

Color me happy I never started collecting. I am willing to accept lost empires of some stretch, but straight up giant robots in an otherwise fantasy setting? It just seems silly. James Jacobs didn’t want to release that image because of people thinking Golarion has gone the way of super-wacky, Wild Wild West syled bullshit… And then says “There’s just as much sci-fi in Golarion now as there was a year ago—that is to say, there’s a SIZABLE region in the north central area of Avistan where robots and lasers and flying cars and metal men can be found, “Expedition to the Barrier Peaks” style.”

… Which just confirms that there is silly, Wild Wild West-styled bullshit in the setting. Barrier Peaks? No thank you.




I have GOT to make that post where I come out against Gygaxian gaming some day… Barrier Peaks was silly then, and it’s silly now. It doesn’t matter how long its been a part of the game, it will always be silly. God…

I’ll still be buying Book of the Damned II, but if the Abyss has ANY giant robots in it, I am sending the book back to Paizo as confetti.

6 Responses to “Pathfinder Quickie”

  1. Erik Mona Says:

    No giant robots in the Abyss. Sorry!

    • underthepale Says:

      Well, that was fast. Thank you for your comment.

      Incidnetally, this means you don’t get a box of confetti. I’m buying the book anyway, because the previous one impressed me so much. I love the writing, I just… Strongly dislike high SF in a high fantasy setting.

      Thank you again for the comment. I do appreciate it.

  2. Erik Mona Says:

    The content is little different than what has already been printed in the Gazetteer and the previous Campaign Setting hardcover. Having a nation with a big crashed spaceship is an homage to Barrier Peaks and a convenient locale for GMs interested in that sort of landscape. This is all centuries old ruined tech, and other than a trinket here or there very little of it makes its way beyond Numeria’s borders.

    Which is to say, if that type of play doesn’t interest you, you don’t really need to pay it that much attention.

    • underthepale Says:

      And I’m not likely to. I’ll continue to buy whichever books interest me- Because, let’s face it, Book of the Damned blows most official sources for the Hells out of the water- it’s just that I’ve never been a fan of the Barrier Peaks/Tale of the Comet sillyness.

      Perhaps I underestimated its popularity amongst players, if you required a whole nation of the stuff. Ah well.

      And thank you, once again, for your comment.

  3. Erik Mona Says:

    You’re going to love Lords of Chaos, the demon book follow up to the first Book of the Damned. The early printer proofs just hit my desk, and this book is really, really awesome.

    • underthepale Says:

      Figured it would be. I was in a bad mood when I wrote this, and Orwellian Editing isn’t really in my style, so since I didn’t say anything I’m likely to get sued over, it stands as played.

      Thanks again, again.

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