Ahh, Mass Hysteria.

“Mazes And Monsters is a far out game…”


Yup. Spoony finally did it: He reviewed Mazes And Monsters. And the result is… Predictable. As a D&D player himself, he finds the work a combination of offensive and just plain silly.

And it is. It’s VERY silly. It is, after all, based on the mass hysteria that followed the now-legendary “steam tunnel incident,” the lovely time when the media faled us all (I mean, moreso than usual) and allowed the legend to be printed, instead of the reality.

What annoys me is, we haven’t progressed very far past that point. Anyone remember Columbine? There were some real causes and warning sings to be found in those sick bastard’s interests. Video games were not one of these things. Video games are all you fucking heard in the media.

Now, some ten years later, and damn near thirty after the D&D flap, we’re still searching for scapegoats in media and entertainment. At the very least, the rise of the internet gives us each a voice, and a way of reaching out to others like us, and to show the average person that maybe, just maybe, we’re not so bad after all.  

… Plus it makes it pretty clear how fucking absurd Dark Dungeons is. Here, I may not like The Escapist, but I’ll link their look at Dark Dungeons for a balanced look at the game, the hysteria, and just how batshit crazy our old friend Jack Chick can be at times.

… what’s it with counter-culture crusaders named Jack, anyway?

Actually, what I really want to know is, and to close this post on-topic, did anyone ever ask Tom Hanks how he feels about having starred in Mazes And Monsters? I imagine he’d laugh the question off, since Tom seems like a nice enough guy, but it’d be worth seeing the look on his face either way.

Oh and reviews of Demonomicon and Vor Rukoth are probably coming, along with other junk I promised. I’ve just been on vacation and crap.  Until then, happy gaming.


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