Preparing for the Big Event!

Okay, so.

I figured I’d mention this: My Dungeons & Dragons game began on June 5th, 2008. It has run every Thursday since then. Thus, this week marks my second full year with a D&D group! I feel proud, knowing that I’ve held a game together for so long, and knowing that I’ve had a 4e game running for about as long as anyone could have had one.

Last year, I suspended my normal game to fulfill a request: The group wanted to square off against Yoni’s Colossal Red Dragon figure, or, as we tend to call him, “Sparky.” They actually didn’t do too badly, considering I used the stats for the Ancient Red Dragon, and thus it was a good 15 levels above them. We all had a great time overall.

This year? Well, the Orcus figure doesn’t come out until later in the month. Pity. However, in Yoni’s collection, which he’s allowed me to hold on to, he has a number of War of the Dragon Queen Huge minis, and one of them is the Apsect of Tiamat.

So yeah. They’re going to be fighting Tiamat, in another epic-level event hosted by Goalkeeper, an otherworldly bookie that I lifted from the pages of Downer, by Kyle Hunter.I told them to roll up two level 30 characters each, as I’m really NOT sure how a fight with a Level 35 Solo is going to go. Ought to be a blast though.

There’s not a lot to say, here. I’m happy things have gone well, and I’m overjoyed that I get to keep running this game, even if I share DM duties with Chris now.

Oh, also, I ordered a TON of Game Mastery Item Cards, but they probably won’t be here by Thursday. I don’t need them for Thursday, but I like having them around. Oh, there’s some new maps too. Well, new for me, anyway.

Jeez. Two years. I can hardly believe it. Here’s hoping for two more. I’m going to try to capture some video and take some pictures, which, if WordPress will let me, I will upload here. Stay tuned for that, and happy gaming!



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