I have returned!

… And I’m still debating a con wrapup. It’s not really my “thing,” though, so I might not. For now… Anime Boston in five seconds: “PAX East happened last weekend.” But since I was going up to Boston for a friend anyway, it’s not like that little bit mattered much.

However, when I returned, my order from last Wednesday came in: The 100-piece lot of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures from Troll & Toad Games. I managed to get one such lot for $128.

If I have any complaints about it, it’s that the majority of it is Commons (those damn circles…) or the Large and Huge figures from the DDM series (which I could easily get myself). On the other hand, if you figure they sent me two Huge figures from DDM2, that alone would set you back some $25, so even if you figure that every piece has a market value of $1, you still come out ahead.

Pretty good mix of figures, too, with a bunch from earlier sets that I’d never seen before, and not a single duplicate. Also comes with the creature cards. … Also has like half of the pieces from the Player’s Handbook Heroes packs, also with their power cards. It’s okay, though, as I was never going to buy the Heroes packs anyway, and there’s a few mildly useful figures in there, such as the Dragonborn Warlord.

Overall, I think this was all right a purchase, and once I’ve handled con expenses and ensured I have money to go away with in July, on top of paying for preordering Wizard’s library of new books through the summer, I may buy it again.

… Wizards, find some way to bring miniatures to the people, or, readers, tell me an alternative to WotC! First one to infinity wins! Go!


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