Product Reviews – Dungeon Tiles: Harrowing Halls

Oh, the silly things Wizards of the Coast spends its R&D money on…

I said I promised another post, and I was planning on either doing some more Critter Cache silliness, or posting my reflections on Street Fighter: The Storytelling Game (Preview impressions: Hahaha, oh wow.), but this came in the mail today, along with Hammerfast. That, I will probably look at after my vacation. But this? It’s a Dungeon Tiles set. Just how long can it take to look at?

… Is what I said before I realized they’d decided it was a good idea to try to make 3D props. Yes, Harrowing Halls introduces stand-up props. This set comes with a few tables (Why?) a staircase (Okay…), several raised platforms and a few workbench/altar-like things, along with the usual smattering of )actually useful) flat tiles.

On the flat tiles, I should note that they actually have darkened spaces around the edges, indicating walls. Yes, finally, they’ve found a way to indicate walls. Amazing.

The tiles themselves have fairly decent graphics, and are printed on the same cardboard-like stuff that the other sets are. This is normally durable enough for the tiles… But then you figure that some of them this time are interlocking pieces intended to stand up, and it falls apart some.

First, the top layers tend to peel around the edges, no matter HOW gentle and careful you are with them. Second, they never seem to insert quite right. Sure they do stand up decently enough, though I forgot to check how well they do when a miniature stands on them. Probably okay, but don’t put anything bigger than Large on them…

Overall, I guess this thing is okay, but I’m really not impressed. Three-dimensional props are not really necessary for my game, and I’d have preferred more standard tiles, or prehaps some other gimmick, over this.

Also… Wizards, why did you cancel Streets of Shadow? See, miniatures? Those I CAN use. Okay? It isn’t my fault you screwed the pooch on distirbution of miniatures, trying to combine them with your failure of a war game. What, did it take the failure of your other collectable miniatures games to make you realize that starving people for the cool minis was not a good idea? Personally, I think you almost nailed it with the DDM series, but then you, oh you silly gooses, you cancel Streets of Shadow and leave the future of miniatures in question! Minis, I need for my game. Tiles, not so much. Sure, if you go on making good books, especially if Hammerfast and Vor Rukoth are more useful than your adventures, all will be forgiven, but come on, guys. Come. On. You are the only ones I know of making affordable, pre-painted miniatures. Get back on the ball before I find out what everyone else is doing to cost you business, for if I find a good alternative to your miniatures, I won’t buy them ever again!

… Sorry about that. I have a few issues with how Wizards does business. Anyway, Harrowing Halls is a decent product, but isn’t really recommended. Yeah. That about sums it up…


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