Rats take your eyes, RPG Now…

Okay, so. I’ve taken to reading the Neuroglyph blog. And there, I found mention of RPG Now’s fire sale of PDFs. Which will probably be over by the time you’ve read this (I found out about it with a mere fifteen hours left in the sale…), but eh.

Seeing that there were some Goodman Games books I was interested in, I decided to take the plunge and bought the following: Critter Cache 4, Critter Cache 5, Critter Cache 6, Hero’s Handbook: Dragonborn (Yay! I have it again!), Hero’s Handbook: Eladrin (Will be better than Player’s Handbook Races: Eladrin!), and Beyond Countless Doorways (At $40 hardcover? No. At $30 PDF? No. At $10 PDF? YES!). I will doubtless review them all, but will probably start with Critter Cache 6. Why? You’ll find out when I do…



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