The Long Exile

I figured I’d start my actual blogging by elaborating on the event I hinted at in my introduction, namely, the so-called “Long Exile.”

This was the time I spent looking for a gaming group. My search lasted a good five or six years, and it was one of the most miserable, frustrating, arduous ordeals in my 32 years of life. It all began one fine day when I decided I wanted to find a gaming group. I forget why I decided this, or what inspired me, all I really know is, I got it into my head to do this.

As you will learn in due time, now and again, I am stubborn to the point of idiocy.

I want to say my search began in about 2004, but I really don’t remember. There are many stories within this story, and you will most likely hear of them all in due time as well. Suffice it to say, during this period, I couldn’t find a game that lasted longer than a handful of sessions, when I could find one at all.

What was I searching for? Christ, I didn’t care after a while. Sure, I started out looking for Dungeons & Dragons, specifically 3.5e, but I’m pretty sure I didn’t start out as overly picky anyway. I mean, sure, D&D would be perfect, but I was following World of Darkness/Storyteller, I had copies of Big Eyes Small Mouth across three versions, I was interested in Hero System, I’d have subjected myself to just about anything if it meant playing.

Again, specific problems I had will be mentioned in detail in forthcoming posts, but suffice it to say that it was, again, a miserable and barren time. However, it was one I learned much from, and that brings us to the good news.

See, back in April of 2008,  I was off from work one fine Thursday. Well, I didn’t know it, because they’d screwed up my schedule, so I reported to work but then found I couldn’t clock in. So, after asking a few questions about my schedule (seriously, I was scheduled to be on and off AT THE SAME TIME!), I said “Screw it,” decided I was already out anyway, and rather than go home and be miserable that I wasn’t using this weekend to see my girlfriend (who had broken up with me a month prior; these are both stories within themselves, but ones I probably won’t touch on as much), I caught a movie, and then later headed to my local game shop.

I’d say the shop has seen better days, but that would infer it had seen any good days. Ugh, another story for another time. But, one good thing was, the owner listens to at least half of everything I say, and mentioned that he’d met someone who was planning on starting a D&D group. This was how I met Yoni, and thus, Yoni is the man I owe my current group to.

See, Yoni was planning on starting a group for Dungeons & Dragons based on the then-unreleased 4th Edition. I didn’t like what I was hearing about 4e, but decided that, since I wasn’t going to be picky before, I wasn’t going to be picky now, either, and gave him my contact information. Though I had misgivings, some were assuaged by the fact that he claimed to know a Dungeon Master, and thus would be ready to play upon the game’s release in June. This turned out to be an almost entirely untrue  statement, but it all worked out in the end, as I agreed to become the DM and thus, now a year and a half later, I still have a group that meets every Thursday at 6 PM like clockwork. Oh, we’ve moved out of the store and into my basement, but the fact that we meet hasn’t changed.

Overall, it’s nice to have some degree of normalcy and consistency in your life, is it not? That one also gets to indulge in escapism is a plus as well.

And while I will most assuredly make a full post on this issue soon, to sum up: Yes, I do like 4e, better than 2e at any rate. I don’t defend it blindly, but it has its moments.

And it got me a game. I owe it that much, don’t I?



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